Evaporative Humidifiers and Bacteriostatic Water Treatment

November 30, 2012 in Reviews

As we have entered the colder months, the time has come again to dust off the humidifiers. Like most people, we use the standard evaporative system in our house. In years past we tend to go through a wick about every 3-4 weeks. If we start using our two humidifiers in October, and use them through February, we use about 10 wicks for the season. Even in finding the best price we’re looking at about $10/filter on average. That means we spend about $100 a season on humidifier wicks.

And there is no choice. You have to change them. They get nasty. Just smelly and horrible.

So this year, as I sat down to place my order for the season, I decided to see if there was anything I could do to not spend so much money. That is when I stumbled across a post from someone praising a bacteriostatic water treatment. It’s a solution that you pour into the water of your humidifier that slows the growth of bacteria and algae. This makes it not only safer, but eliminates the odors as well.

Our filters are now going on three months and show minimal discoloration and no odor. THREE MONTHS!

If you have a evaporative humidifier in your house, you should definitely invest in a bacteriostatic treatment. I got a bottle for less than $10 and it has already saved me $40 in new filters.

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