About Me

When my wife was pregnant with our first child, I thought I was going to be the worst father.  I had ZERO experience with babies.  None.  In a panic, I bought a bunch of books so I could read and study and be the best father I could be.

The books… were worthless.

More than half the information didn’t apply to me.  I felt bored.  Lost.  Even more worried.  I flipped through books at book stores.  Poured over Amazon.com reviews.  Nothing.

Then the fateful day came.  My son, Jack, was born.  Suddenly, it didn’t matter how many books I read or how much experience I had.  This was a totally unique situation.  No book would ever be able to write about this.  All of my feelings, all of my fears, all of my quirks were mine.  It occurred to me that books were not the answer I needed.  But where do people of my generation turn for information?

The Internet!

Sure enough the Internet, as it usually is, was the answer.  Google became my mentor.  Any time something came up, I jumped on the computer and did a quick search.  And usually, USUALLY, I was able to find exactly what I needed.  But what about the times when I couldn’t find it?  It was then that I turned to parenting forums.

But wouldn’t you know it… they are mostly designed for and populated with women.  Not finding a good place where men gathered to ask questions, I started posting in mom forums.  Some of the moms treated me like a dunce.  My questions were sometimes met with condescending answers and silly remarks.  I didn’t like it, but I was able to get what I needed.

But why?  Why couldn’t I find a place filled with dads?  Guys like me who were looking for an answer and didn’t feel like looking though a book.  A place where I could ask a question like a guy and would get a guy answer.  A place where I could blow off some steam if I wanted…

Well, my son just turned three and my second child is on the way.  Yes, I’m a bit late, but I thought it was time.  Time to open the doors to a place with everything you need to be a dad… without having to pick up a stupid book.


Steve Shaw (A “Little Read” Father)